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Rebate Program

Install a high-efficiency electric-heating system and receive incentives from Southeastern. See some examples below:

  • Ground Source Heat Pump - $800 (Energy Star Required and with 10kw of electric resistance heat required for rebate)
  • Air to Air Heat Pump - $600 (Energy Star Required 15 SEER)

Requirements For Receiving Rebates And Special Rate.

Electric Heat must be the primary heating source and each structure is limited to one rebate. A copy of the invoice and a AHRI Certificate for installed equipment and all necessary equipment must be installed and in operating condition before a rebate can be issued and all heat pumps must be on the load management program to receive the rebate and the special rate. Only one rebate per an account can be applied for in a 15yr period. Contact the Member Services Dept. for more information. 

Special Note: Modular homes and or Trailer houses must be on permanent foundations or have basements in order to qualify for any said rebates. Visual inspection is needed before any rebates are issued.

An Energy Star rating of 15 SEER is needed to receive the rebate and an invoice and/or AHRI certificate or the Energy Star sticker on the unit is needed for proof of meeting the energy star rating.

Note: To receive the Federal Tax Credit the equipment must be 15 SEER or higher to qualify. For requirements check our web site or with your tax person.

Commercial Rebates

  1. $50 per ton on Heat Pumps
  2. $10 per KW for Resistant Heat

Requirements For Receiving Commercial Rebates

No Free Water Heaters will be given for such application. All equipment must be installed and in operating condition before any rebates are issued.

Contact the Member Service Dept. for limits and more details.

Energy Star Rated Appliance Rebates (replacement only)

  1. Refrigerator or Freezer - $100
  2. Dish Washer - $50
  3. Clothes Washer - $50
  4. Clothes Dryer- $50

Requirements For Receiving The Appliance Rebates

Only Energy Star Appliances apply. Members must show proof of purchase and proof of disposal for refrigerators and freezers only. These rebates are only for replacing existing appliances and will only reward up to 1 year from purchase.

Commercial Lighting rebates are available as well. (replacement only) Contact the Member Services Dept. for more details.

The dollar amount of rebates may vary and are subject to change without notice.

For more information and details please call Southeastern Electric at 1-800-333-2859

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