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Bill Payment

We at Southeastern Electric strive to make payments simple and hassle free for you. Below are our forms of accepted payments.

Online Bill Payment

To make things simpler for our members with busy lives, we now accept online payments. Simply follow the link, sign in, and pay. If you are not already registered for online payments, simply create an account, and enjoy online access 24/7.

Fast, Simple, Secure. Start Online Today!

Online Bill Pay Portal

Drop Off

You can drop your payments off at any of our office locations. We are located at these following addresses:

  • 605 SD Hwy 11 - Alcester, SD
  • 501 S. Broadway Ave. - Marion, SD
  • 236 North Main - Salem, SD
  • 1306 SD Hwy 37 - Parkston, SD
  • 104 State St. - Viborg, SD
  • 47077 276th St. - Lennox, SD

Auto Pay

We are pleased to offer you the Automatic Payment Plan. Now you can have your payment made automatically from your checking or savings account! Benefits of this program include:

  • Convenience (bill paid automatically)
  • One less check to write (no check fees)
  • Bill paid on time (no late charges)
  • One less bill to mail (save postage)
  • $5 credit to your account for first-time automatic payment when you sign up.

How Does Auto Pay Work?

  • You authorize payment to your electric cooperative to come from your checking or savings account. Then sit back and relax. Your payment will happen automatically on the specified day. And proof of payment will appear on your statement.
  • We will continue to send you a monthly billing statement so you will know the amount and the payment date at least ten days ahead of time.
  • The authority you give to charge your account will remain in effect until you notify us in writing to terminate the authorization.
  • The Automatic Payment Plan is dependable, flexible, convenient, and easy.
  • To take advantage of this service, complete the online authorization form today!

Sign-up for Automatic Bill Payment!(PDF)

Budget Billing

Household electric bills vary widely from one season to another as witnessed by current winter month's bills. This variance often makes it difficult to follow a budget. Southeastern Electric members usually receive their highest electric bills in the winter and summer while the spring and fall usually bring the lowest bills of the year.

Residential consumers are reminded that they can average their bills out during the year which reduces the highs and lows. This could be especially helpful to those on fixed incomes. The "Budget Billing Plan" is available to permanent residential consumers that have not had more than one late payment or one check returned for insufficient funds in the previous 12 months.

The electric bill under the "Budget Billing Plan" would be an average of the past twelve months actual billing plus an additional 10-20 percent depending on when the member signs up for budget billing.

The plan allows the consumer to pay the same amount each month throughout the year, eliminating high bills during times of extra use in the summer or winter. If there is a shortfall in the account, the member makes up the difference during the July billing. This billing plan can be terminated at any time by either the customer or Cooperative by giving reasonable notice to the other party.

The plan will be automatically terminated upon execution of a delayed payment agreement or upon discontinuance of service for any reason. If this plan is terminated for any reason other than execution of a delayed payment agreement, any accumulated balance of the member's account which is attributable to budget billing plan must be settled within 30 days.

For more information on either of the billing programs described above, please contact our office.

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